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Monumental Maintenance Solutions is Houston's premiere restoration service for monuments that require an expert hand with a gentle touch. Your gravestones, statues and other pieces of outdoor artwork endure the worst mother nature has to offer, let us reverse the signs of age and bring back the 'like new' luster these sentimental figures once embodied. Utilizing the most advanced technology and years of experience, we restore even the most weathered granite, limestone, marble, concrete and brick by hand - without damaging the material or weakening the structure in any way. Please visit our gallery page to see examples of our restoration work and get an idea of what we can do to beautify your facility



From the President: Blake L. Meaux

“We are committed to the preservation of our cemeteries and historical monuments through proper maintenance and care. Our high level of experience and professionalism comes from many years of hard work maintaining above ground structures. It is an honor to have cleaned and preserved so many monuments for those that are no longer here.”


From the Vice President: Jason R. Milam

“It’s a true honor to work with the cemeteries, we’ve developed and engineered a way to safely bring those forgotten back to life. We are very passionate about our business and believe in getting the job done right the first time.”

Phone 281-853-5753        info@MonumentalMaintenanceSolutions.com