Monument Cleaning

Monumental Maintenance Solutions uses safe touch cleaning methods that guarantee no damage is done to your monuments, whether they are modern or historical. This process has been developed and perfected by the cleaning of thousands of monuments and our trusted techniques will ensure your monuments look cared for and respected. A clean and tidy cemetery makes a great first impression to potential buyers of plots and monuments. Our past clients have seen sales increase as a result of our services. Nothing says respect like a cemetery that cares for their grounds and the people interred there.

Restoration Services

Broken monuments, peeling paint, and sinking stones are all realities that cemeteries face. Our team is dedicated to the proper restoration of monuments in order to ensure that deteriorations and expensive future repair costs are minimized.

Maintenance Reports

A vitally important part of maintaining your grounds is tracking the work being done and identifying areas that will need repair in the near or distant future. We offer full reporting and tracking services to help maintain your monuments and grounds in the most efficient manner possible. Our goal is to prevent major expenses before it is too late and to identify potential problem areas in order to minimize large future repair costs.

Deep Root Fertilization

In addition to stone monuments on your grounds, we also take pride in our ability to maintain living structures. Trees require special care by certitied experts to maintain their beauty and stability. Our deep root fertilization process ensures a better root system, which leads to stronger trees, new growth and beautiful blooms to brighten your cemetery.


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